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Marvelous Designer Collada OBJ , DSMax, Maya, SoftImage, LightWave, Poser, Daz Studio, Vue Modo. OBJ.

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You dont have tobeafashion designer. Its simple and easy.
Our technology isbased onthe art ofsewing and patternmaking (making the blueprint for agarment), which webelieve isthe only way torealistically express garments. You dont need afashion design background tocreate clothing using Marvelous Designer. Itissurprisingly easy and simple with our intuitive tools. Build your skills bymastering our online curriculum.

Easy-to-use software that just makes sense.
Designing true tolife virtual garments iseasy and straightforward with our intuitive user interface and tools such asarrangement points and pins. Marvelous Designer saves you from guessing how clothes should fit inreal life. Textural coordinates are packaged along with your patterns for simple data translation anduse. Edit textures, fabrics and its physical properties via preset our library toaccurately simulate onto your characters without costing countless hours.

Authentic simulation for amazing animation.
Bringing your characters tolife shouldnt take alifetime. Traditional modeling and sculpting techniques require hours ofwork for each wrinkle, bend, and fold and dont guarantee convincing results. Marvelous Designers animation cache functionality with high-polygon modeling makes itpossible tocapture the realistic movement ofclothing when draped onto moving characters, whether they are running, jumping, ortwirling midair.

Revolutionizing 3D virtual clothing.
Marvelous Designers novel pattern-based approach allows not only for beautiful graphics, but also compiles your garments data tobereused, revamped, and refreshed again and again.

Pattern Creation and Editing
Our expansive pattern design feature lets you easily create and edit rectangular, circular, orany other polygon shaped patterns. Inaddition, weprovide intuitive interfaces such asmoving point/segment inparallel/perpendicular fashion, moving point/segment via input value, ordividing the segment inproportion.

Segment and Free Sewing
Check out the simple and smart sewing tool that you can define sewing direction and range accurately and edit them atany time, which isnot fully supported inother 3D CAD software. Our simple and smart sewing tool makes life easier for users. You can easily create and edit seam lines with more freedom insewing directions and range, accurate sewing has been extremely difficult toarticulate inother 3D CAD software due tothe limitations inits narrow directions and range.

System Requirements:
Windows 10 64-bit (1903 orlater)
64-bit Intel orAMD multi-core processor
Intel 6th-Gen i5 orhigher, AMD 3rd-Gen Ryzen 5 orhigher
8 GBormore ofRAM (16 GBrecommended)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 orQuadro P1000 orequivalent
Marvelous Designer utilizes Nvidia CUDA acceleration technology for GPU-Simulation
1920?1080 (2560?1440 recommended)

Whats New inversion

[Key Features]
Automatic UVpacking
Import/Export FBX with multiple avatars
Roll Up
Select all sewn patterns
USD: Support the Unified UVCoordinates

[Highlighted Features]
2D Pattern
Clone asPattern (with Sewing)
Optimize All Curve Points Option Dialog

Joint Visualization improvement

Improving the 3D State preview window inHistory

Auto Fitting
Maintain Texture Size After Auto Fitting
Auto Fitting Improvement

[Other Features]
Silent Install Support

Axis Conversion (FBX)

Remove FPS change option when exporting Alembic
Record the Display Start/End Frame ofAnimation Editor and reflect itonprogram restart

Replace the default avatars; Mia & Luka

Top Stitch
Improve the usability ofSeamline Topstitch that should bealigned tothe pattern outline

Select all button for the downloadable items
Download Files inList View
Show file extension (zprj, zpac)
Adobe Substance App Logo Change
Expanding the Asset Item Name Widgets

Improved the layout ofSnapshot dialog

Fixed the issue where acrash occurs during window mode conversion
Fixed the issue where acrash occurs when using Styleline toedit the patterns connected with sewing.
Fixed anissue where there was vertex spike during Auto Fitting specific garments.
Fixed anissue where avatars were not included while exporting FBX after recording ananimation.
Fixed anissue where there was anHair/Shoes texture export error for some avatars while exporting USD
Fixed anissue where acopied and pasted animation layer split incorrectly with Cut.
Fixed anissue where the UVposition oftrim changed after loading asaved garment file.

Marvelous Designer 12 Personal Marvelous Designer 12 Personal Marvelous Designer 12 Personal

: 2023
: Windows 11/10 (64-bit only)
: Multilanguage / English /
: crack.eXe
: 1.67 GB

Marvelous Designer 12 Personal

Marvelous Designer 12 Personal
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